This is the second unit we have been given, the task is to make our own structured podcast. We can talk about anything however there are some ground rules.

  • No swearing
  • Nothing offensive
  • It can’t be to hurtful

Planning and research

Popular podcasts:

these kind of podcasts are similar to the topics we have chosen. they are always about whats going on on social media platforms. who’s going big, who’s going down and a lot more. This is good to research because we are going to be talking about the similar kind of subjects. We are talking about socials medias altogether and what we like/dislike about them. we will go a little into the audience and how they all make money as a platform.

This is the baited podcast. They talk about a lot of different things. Its normally to do with controversy and the downsides to youtube and other social media platforms of something they all disagree on

This is the h3h3 podcast. He interviews mainly people about their careers. Maybe they’re growing loads of are in some controversy with some of their content that they have made.


I really did like how to recording turned out. It was acctually really eintetsining and interesting to talk to others about things you wouldn’t usually talk about. We used auditio and 4 mics to record.

After recording;

Before uploading it needed to be edited and exported. I said in my pitch I will be adding some effects like lo fi music. And beeps where there are swears. Fortunately nobody swore in my bit so I did not have to add anything in


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